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So, why am I starting this blog, which most likely will be read by hardly anyone anyway?

First of all, to keep my writing from getting rusty. Right now, the only thing I write on a regular basis are term papers. Almost half a year passes between those only longer texts I produce. And each time, the first blank page is particularly challenging. I’m hoping to change that.

Second, because it is a way of sharing things with the world that does not involve dependence on a third party. There are no restrictions on the type of content and nobody can automatically claim any ownership or usage rights for anything that’s created here. This is an old and obvious insight. Yet, the dominance of social network usage makes it even more relevant today, as recently eloquently elaborated by poster child blogger Sascha Lobo.

That’s all for the why. Now let’s turn to the what:

In general, most topics I feel informed enough about to have a comment worth sharing are valid. I do, however, expect the main focus to be political takes on technology and media issues. At times, I might try to break down issues that I consider seriously misunderstood in mainstream media and public debate; and I’ll try not to rant, as it is commonly found on forums concerning such topics, but work on the assumption that misunderstanding literally means misunderstanding.

Of course, I will also post things that are much less relevant in the greater scheme. Things I enjoy, things I think everyone should know or check out, more or less relevant peeks under the hood of the complex field that is 21st century technology usage – in short, mostly nerdy stuff.

So much for the plan. Check back every once in a while or grab the feed if you like. I hope to publish the first actual content soon.