Rant (and explanation for sudden reduction of posts)

After a week of downtime, I’ve had it with my former server provider. Their service was spotty from the start, but so cheap that I was willing to accept quite a few flaws. Now, they got the great idea of moving their servers across the Atlantic. Well, no problem, if it improves overall service quality. The customers got notice, that there might be a “few days” of scheduled downtime. However, a few days became more than a week, and yesterday the provider’s own website went down… That’s when I decided I needed to move. I had off-site backups after all, and I was able to get a new host up and running in no time.

Sadly, the sudden and mostly short unscheduled downtimes (the spotty service I was willing to accept) seemed to fall right within the time window of my backup cron… So that’s where last month’s posts went. Should I somehow someday get access to the old server once again, I’ll just repost them here. If not… well, let’s just call that loss and the fees I paid for the old hosting provider “tuition” for being taken to school about jumping at the cheapest offer without really considering the mixed reviews 😉



My shitty old hosting provider ate some of my posts and my backups. Now this site is hosted with a new (hopefully better) provider.


[edit]: Great, now the whole website of my old provider is down. I guess I won’t see my old posts again anytime soon…


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